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Paperless Radiotherapy Interest Group

Hand poking out from a pile of paperWho can join?

Any professional from the oncology sector with an interest in paperless working and driving change

Terms of reference

Radiotherapy is, by its very nature, a technologically advanced profession that uses high-end digital systems to deliver safe and accurate radiotherapy treatment to patients.

There are many positive reasons to make the change to paperless systems including, but not exclusively, budgetary, physical storage, the utilisation of already purchased technology and, importantly, the modernisation of service provision.

Saving money and time increases the resources available to improve patient care.

P-RIG (Paperless Radiotherapy Interest Group) has been set up to allow users from across the country to share ideas and experience as they progress with paperless working.

Nationally, there is a wide variation in paperless working. This gives us all a great opportunity to share our common goals and the positive and negative experiences that occur throughout this sometimes challenging transition.

The group will remain both independent from vendors and non-judgemental about the ways in which people choose to work.

Aims and objectives of the group

• To share and advance the knowledge of paperless working within radiotherapy departments and their staff
• To help and offer solutions to specific problems, through a community of information sharing
• To remain vendor independent
• To ensure a high standard of patient care and safety at all times
• To lobby on issues that compromise the changes required
• To share relevant and pertinent information from multiple sources

Contact details

Google group:


There are no events planned yet, but if there is a good response to the group, it would be great to have a symposium within the next year



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