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2018 update from the Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee (ARSAC)

ARSAC has updated its notes for guidance to good clinical practice for nuclear medicine in the UK under the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations.

There is a new requirement under IR(ME)R 2017 for Practitioners and Employers to hold a licence to administer radioactive substances to people in diagnosis, therapy or research. There is a fee for Employer applications. Details of the fees can be found in the notes for guidance. Practitioner applications are free of charge.

Application and renewal forms for a certificate from (ARSAC) are now available here along with advice to help Practitioners and Employers fill in the new licence application forms.

Information relating to the approval process for research studies can be found here 

For more information:


The Health and Safety (Sharp Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations 2013


Health and Safety (Sharp Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations 2013: Guidance for employers and employees


Statutory Instrument 2006 No. 2806. The Medicines (Administration of Radioactive Substances) Amendment Regulations 2006


Statutory Instrument 2006 No. 2807.The Medicines for Human Use (Administration and Sale or Supply) (Miscellaneous Amendments) Order 2006


Statutory Instrument 2006 No. 2523. The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) (Amendment) Regulations 2006.



CT Competencies: Developing guidance for the appropriate use of computed tomography within a hybrid imaging environment – Dr Marc Griffiths, Damion Bailey, Dr Fiona Matthews, Gary Dawson


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