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The Association of Paediatric Radiographers

The Association of Paediatric Radiographers (APR) committee consists of a maximum of 10 elected members from throughout the UK. 

The APR provide a list of members who are willing to give presentations and act as experts. See APR expert list below.

The committee meets twice a year in spring and autumn and, at present, is as follows:

Chair: Myriam Jackson  (Lincoln County Hospital)
Secretary: Harry Bliss (London South Bank University)
Treasurer: Mary Pirie/Kate Griffin
Emma Rose (Great Ormond Street)
Mary Pirie (Glasgow Children’s Hospital)
Kate Griffin - shares seat with Mary Pirie (Glasgow Children’s Hospital)
Niamh Kirk (The Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children)
Sarah Eades (Birmingham Women and Children’s Hospital)
Benneta Brown (Northampton General Hospital)
Andrea Hulme (Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital)
Ami Boyle (Nuffield Health Hospital Cambridge)


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