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Ultrasound ergonomics checklist for scanning and observing colleagues

21 October, 2019
Ultrasound ergonomics poster

A new poster highlights good ergonomic practice for sonographers.

Written and developed by Gill Harrison, associate professor, ultrasound programme director, and lead for teaching excellence at City, University of London, the publication provides guidance on techniques and easy-to-follow recommendations about posture, height of chair, couch and machine keyboard, the position of the patient, transducer grip, wrist movements, position of non-scanning hand, and standing position.

"Repetitive strain and work related musculo-skeletal injuries are painful and potentially very serious issues for a significant proportion of ultrasound practitioners," Gill commented.

"I hope the checklist is helpful and assists sonographers to think about how they scan and what they can do to improve their health and wellbeing. It’s also a useful checklist when assessing the posture of students.

The Ultrasound ergonomics checklist for scanning and observing colleagues poster can be downloaded from the document library.



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