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UK diagnostic reference levels updated

20 August, 2019

The national (UK) DRLs have been updated for:

  • CT
  • General radiography and fluoroscopy
  • Dental radiography including cone beam CT
  • Screening mammograms
  • Radiotherapy planning CT scans

The NDRL values should be considered by employers when setting local reference levels as required by the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017 (as amended).

The UK National DRLs are based on body region examined and, where appropriate, the clinical requirement for the examination.

The NDRLs for diagnostic CT, general radiography and simple fluoroscopy are primarily based on National Reference Doses (NRDs) previously published by Public Health England (PHE).

Click here for National Diagnostic Reference Levels from 19 August 2019.

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