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TUC releases more details ahead of 20 October

17 September, 2012
The Society of Radiographers at March for the Alternative (March 2011)

The TUC has published a briefing for union officials and members which outlines some of its plans for the ‘A Future That Works’ demonstration.

The event will be held in London, on 20 October, with other events planned for the same day in other parts of the country.

The information is as follows:


· The TUC has announced two new London coach parking hubs - New Covent Garden (for coaches travelling from the South and West) and the O2 Arena coach park (for those travelling from the East). Coach bays at both hubs can be booked directly through the TUC.
· Coach drop off arrangements will be finalised nearer the event time. Where people are dropped off and picked up will be a matter for coach organisers to agree with their clients, but you should expect to use public transport for the final stage of your journey, as most people did for 26 March.
· Stagger arrival times – people will start assembling at 11 but marchers will move off for some hours after that, so it is possible to arrive up to 2pm.
· Join from the rear – people arriving at the front of the march will be expected to make their way to the rear, which could be a long way. That makes Westminster, Embankment and Temple inappropriate stations to use – and may be closed by TfL if they become too busy. The TUC is asking people to use a station that minimises any need to change in central London and walk from that. Blackfriars (particularly for early arrivals), Southwark, St Pauls are all sensible choices. People using Waterloo are advised to stick to the south of the river and use Blackfriars bridge. Look at the map and be creative!
· Please follow @futurethatworks on Twitter for info about form-up and other details on the day.
· People who wish to offer coach places can use the False Economy website to do so at


· Good progress has been made on recruiting stewards for the route and the TUC has named contacts at unions who responsible for specific sections of the march route. People can still sign up to be stewards via the march website.

· The TUC executive has agreed that it will allocate the form up zones at the front of the march to TUC affiliates in order of their size, with the biggest at the front. Smaller unions that wish to march together, such as the Performers' Alliance, will be allocated the same zone. The TUC will be communicating this directly to unions.  Once these zones are full and after the march has moved off, people will need to join the rear of the march.
· The TUC strongly discourages feeder marches as it is unable to steward them, and they block roads that may be need for disabled and other access vital to the march. Nor will it stop its march to allow unofficial feeder marches to join. They will need to wait for the entire march to pass. But there is nothing to stop people making informal arrangements to meet around the form-up area and walk (on pavements as pedestrians) to the march - or meet elsewhere and travel together by public transport.


· The TUC is working closely with the TUC disabled workers committee to ensure that the event is as accessible as possible.
· There will be three main ways for those with mobility issues to participate in the march. · · ·
· There will be a form-up area off the Embankment. Disabled toilets will be provided. 

· There will be a short march that assembles in St James Street off Piccadilly for those who do not wish to walk the full route. People will feed in from this into the march as it moves past, not form a section of the full march. There are nearby disabled toilets. 

· There will be a wheelchair viewing platform in Hyde Park for those either arriving with the march or who wish to go straight there. There will be wheelchair charging points and disabled toilets. 

Placard competition

· The TUC will shortly be launching a placard competition as a way of encouraging more people to come on the demonstration in a creative way. Marchers will be encouraged to upload videos of how they're making their placards, and popular placards will be spotlighted on 20 October.
· The TUC will book a band for the front of the march, but would welcome unions bringing or sponsoring bands. Please keep the TUC informed of your plans as it will need to make necessary arrangements for those with instrument cases/access issues. The Musicians Union has indicated that October is an extremely busy time in most musicians calendar so early bookings are advisable, but Keith Ames of the MU has offered to help unions find suitable bands.


· As highlighted in the last bulletin, you can now download all you need to help publicise the march both in print and online at


· The TUC is continuing to ask people to actively pledge support online and use social media to promote the event to their friends and contacts.
· A dedicated Twitter feed @futurethatworks is being used to build momentum and will be a key source of information on the day for guidance including where the rear of the march is located. The TUC is using the hashtag #Oct20 to link up people supporting the march.
· As well as using the pledge sign-up on the TUC website, the widget used there can also be easily hosted on other websites. If you want to do this, contact John who will be able to customise it for you.

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