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Take part in a study to improve patient comfort during radiotherapy

4 March, 2019

Would you like to take part in a groundbreaking, qualitative study, designed to understand how therapeutic radiographers are managing patient comfort during treatment and if this could be improved in the future?

Simon Goldsworthy at the University of the West of England, is recruiting therapeutic radiographers to participate in interviews for the exploratory phase of his PhD research to develop a comfort intervention in radiotherapy.

His research, which has NHS ethical approval and is funded via a College of Radiographers Doctoral Fellowship, will explore the experiences of patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment to discover if radiographers can do anything to improve their clinical practice. Specifically, he would like to find out how patient experiences are currently managed.

Simon is inviting therapeutic radiographers with experience of delivering radiotherapy with treatment times of more than 10 minutes, such as SABR, to take part in the interviews.

“Your experiences will further the understanding of current practices and inform the development of a radiotherapy intervention,” Simon commented.

“Your views and experience are invaluable for me to gain an understanding of how you manage patient comfort during radiotherapy and any thoughts on how improvements could be made.”

Individual interviews are expected to take between 20-40 minutes and will be conducted on the phone at a time that suits you. Participation is voluntary and all data will be anonymised.

If you would like to take part please contact Simon

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