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Latest issue of Safer Radiotherapy available

13 February, 2019

Public Health England’s Safer Radiotherapy newsletter for January 2019 updates the analysis of radiotherapy error (RTE) reports by picking out the key messages and trends from departments around the UK.

Information on the fifth biennial report, with a total of 15,830 RTE reports from UK NHS providers, and national dose levels are covered in this issue of the newsletter.

Notably, there was a decrease in the number of reportable events from 1.8% to 1.0% and, consistent with the previous report, the most frequently reported events continue to be associated with treatment unit processes (41.2%) and with on-set imaging processes (11.5%).

There is also a guest editorial piece for the issue, which covers the hazards for the magnetic resonance linac and the associated risks.

Helen McNair and Erica Scurr explain in the editorial, “The implications of an untrained workforce may be catastrophic if the hazards of the MRI environment are not fully understood and mitigated.”

Read the full issue on the website.

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