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Guidance to comply with IR(ME)R and improve patient experience

26 April, 2019

New guidance document Communicating Radiation Benefit and Risk Information to Individuals Under the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations (IR(ME)R) has been published to provide clarity and support for the UK radiographic workforce to comply with IR(ME)R.

The Society and College of Radiographers are encouraging employers to re-evaluate governance processes around the regulatory framework.

The document states, “The UK radiology and radiotherapy workforce must revise local policies and procedures to assure compliance with these new regulations, to meet public expectation, and improve the experience of individuals undergoing medical and non-medical exposures of ionising radiations.

“IR(ME)R duty holders should be adequately trained and entitled to provide individuals with appropriate and timely information, enabling them to understand their personal risks within the context of their benefits.”

Advice covers duty holders, entitlement, training, carers and communication. There are also a number of practical patient scenarios to help both diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers use the information in relatable examples.

The guidance says, “As healthcare professionals, it is our responsibility to explain that for an examination/treatment to be appropriately justified, it has already been determined that the benefits to the individual (substantially in most cases) outweigh the lifetime risks associated with the exposure.”

“The more a workforce is prepared in terms of knowledge and understanding of radiation risks, the greater their confidence will be in delivering that information.”

You can download the full paper from the SoR Policy and Guidance Document Library.

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