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Fundraising efforts for radiographer’s double tragedy

12 December, 2018
Steph Sutcliffe family
Steph Sutcliffe with her two sons, Kain (11 months) and Reuben (10 years) and her partner, Lucas.

Radiographer Steph Sutcliffe from the Walton Centre in Liverpool has made the brave decision to give up her job to be a full-time carer for her new-born baby Kain, who has a life-limiting illness.

The second blow for Steph was the death of her father a few months after Kain was diagnosed with West syndrome.

Kain is blind, as well as being paralysed and has medically resistant epilepsy. 

Steph said, “It's been hard for us as a family. Kain can have anything from 40 to 100 seizures per day. His condition is constantly deteriorating and it's not going to get better.

"We have been told to enjoy the time we have with him. They can't say if he will be with us for 10 weeks or 10 years - they just don't know."

Kain’s diagnosis was unexpected. “My labour was perfect, my pregnancy was perfect and he was perfect until we started to notice small signs like not smiling, holding his head up or moving around,” Steph says.

"He was diagnosed quickly and it was so scary; it was hard to get our head around how serious it was.”

Because of this, the family are keen to spend as much time and make as many memories with Kain while they can.

Steph’s work colleagues and the local community are raising money for the family to help baby Kain and give him the best possible quality of life.

Steph explain, “He needs medication four times a day, and physio and needs to be fed through a tube in his stomach. His seizures can last 30 seconds or up to an hour.”

The money raised will go towards purchasing equipment so Kain can spend more time at home, and to generally help the family to stay at home with their sons. It will also help to cover some of the funeral fees for Steph’s father who died from a brain haemorrhage after he fell down the stairs at home.

"We're not sure if he fell by accident, or if he had a stroke. But by the time he got to Aintree, he was in an unrecoverable state and had sustained brain damage”, Steph commented.

A fundraising page has been launched to help the family and support Alder Hey Children's Hospital, where Kain has spent almost six of his 11 months.

You can donate to Steph and her family and keep updated via the Facebook page .

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