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Could you be the next lead for the Public Health and Radiography SIG?

22 August, 2019

Are you a Radiographer with a special interest in public health?

The Society is looking for a radiography professional with an interest in public health to lead the Public Health and Radiography Special Interest Group (SIG).

Why do we need a SIG for public health and radiography?

There are several radiographers with a passion for public health and the group is a great way to connect. As many are also involved in public health projects and initiatives, these can and should be shared at the SIIG. 

While there are some barriers to the implementation of public health in practice, the aim of the SIG is to share suggestions for how these might be overcome and tackle new barriers as they arise.

The special interest group will be a network for learning and sharing good practice.

For further information, head to the Health Improvement/Public Health in Radiography SIG webpage

Please contact Laura Charlesworth or @LA_Charlesworth on twitter to find out more.

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