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Student support at SoR

Professional officers

Regional and national officers

Regional/national student officers

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How to contact SoR staff

Professional officers

We have a number of Professional Officers covering the 11 regions in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales. Their role is to advise and provide advice and guidance to Society members about many different aspects, including professional practice, research. CPD, radiotherapy, diagnostic imaging and radiation protection. They are involved in education, research, developing practice, publishing guidelines and policies and moving the profession forward.

To find out the different Professional Officers' specialist areas please visit our SoR staff page.

Regional and national officers

We have regional/national officers covering the 11 regions in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales. Their role is to advise and provide representation to Society members about pay and conditions of service, provide support and advice if you are injured at work, or contract an employment related illness. If appropriate, free legal assistance is provided, as well as representation at employment tribunals and HCPC hearings. 

Find out who represents you in your region here

​Regional/national student officers

Each of the 11 regions in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales have their own regional committees. Students are welcome to join the committees and get actively involved with the issues affecting their regions.

There is usually a Regional and National Student Officer for each region who plays a positive and progressive role by developing communication and feedback between students, their university, and the Society and College of Radiographers. It’s the student officers who encourage other students to make their views known to them, which they can then take to the committee and receive responses and feedback. They are also there to give help and advice, or to find out where other students should go to obtain information or support. 

Student officers can help you access the Society and College of Radiographers student services and provide support and guidance on a range of issues. They can liaise with other representatives at regional and national level, participating in the decision-making processes of the organisation which impact the profession. 

Student officers are a valuable source of help and support for students, so please ensure you know who your regional/national officer is and make contact with them. 

Are you interested in becoming a Student Officer or joining your regional committee? If so why not contact your regional/national officer to find out more.

Student observer to UK Council

Each year at the Annual Delegates Conference, students from the different regions are nominated to become Student Observers to Council.The elected student observers attend UK Council meetings to participate in the discussions and put forward the student perspective and voice and contribute to debates and influence decisions.

How to contact SoR staff

The Society has permanent paid staff to carry out the instructions of Council and its members. Many of the staff are specialists in their respective fields. Many work at the London headquarters but some are permanently based at locations throughout the UK, principally to serve a regional or national (eg, Scotland/Wales) function.

To see all the staff roles and their contact details, please visit our SoR staff page.

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