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3. Vacancies

22 responding departments (40%) report sonographer vacancies in their department. The sonographer vacancy rate across all 54 responding departments is 10.9%. (The vacancy rate is calculated using the number of WTE vacancies as a percentage of the WTE establishment figures.)

The two main reasons for vacancies are that the department is waiting for a trainee to qualify or that they are unable to recruit suitable applicants.

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Respondents selecting the “Vacant for other reason” option gave the following additional explanations:

  • There are plans in place to fill the vacancy e.g. the post has been offered to a successful applicant.
  • The post was offered to a successful applicant but they declined.
  • The post holder is taking a career break.
  • The post holder is on maternity leave.
  • The vacant post is only a small number of hours per week and the department is, therefore, waiting for more hours to become available or to combine the role with another department.

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