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3. Registration

There is often confusion between a professional body and a regulatory body.  SCoR is a professional body, not a regulatory one.  Examples of regulatory bodies are the Health Professions Council (HPC), the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and the General Medical Council (GMC).  These provide statutory registration for their registrants.  In the UK it is, for example, a statutory requirement to be registered with the HPC if working as a radiographer.

There is currently no statutory (legal) requirement for sonographers to be registered with a regulatory body such as the HPC or NMC.  Many employers do prefer their sonographers to be registered but this is something that you can discuss with them, for some sonographers who may otherwise be very well qualified it is impossibility.  The HPC, for example, cannot register you unless you can meet the standards for one of the professions it regulates such as radiography.

SCoR expects those of its members who are able to register with a regulatory body such as the HPC or the NMC to do so although it recognises that through no fault of their own this will not be achievable for some.

Sonographers from the EU/EEA or Switzerland may be able to register with, for example, the HPC as a temporary registrant (although not as a sonographer as that is not yet a regulated profession in the UK).  Details can be obtained from

If you trained as a doctor overseas it would be worthwhile seeing if you can be registered by the GMC, you can then apply for employment via a medical route.  If you wish to work as a non-medically qualified sonographer then you will not need to register with the GMC.

There is also information available on the British Medical Ultrasound Society website at

SCoR hosts the ‘Public Voluntary Register of Sonographers’ (PVRS) details of which can be found at

All qualified sonographers are encouraged to join but we can only accept applications from those sonographers who are already working in the UK and can provide UK employment references.

SCoR has made an application to the HPC for sonography to become a regulated profession  This is progressing but it is not expected to become a reality for several years.

Any questions or comments should be directed to Nigel Thomson, Professional Officer (Ultrasound),, Tel 01473 310978

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