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2) Employment

If you are qualified in ultrasound with a UK or overseas award, it will be necessary to apply directly to a potential employer. Qualified sonographers from the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland should also apply directly to potential employers where EU regulations relating to the free movement of professionals may be relevant.

If you are from outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland, you will need to be able to satisfy an employer that your qualifications and experience are equivalent to those of a sonographer who trained in the UK and holds a CASE accredited award.

There is currently a shortage of sonographers in the UK and sonography is listed as a shortage specialty by the UK Government Migration Advisory Committee.

Although it is not a requirement for employment, all qualified sonographers can apply to join the SCoR as an Associated Professional. There are many benefits of membership including access to advertised vacancies on the website and in Synergy News. The SCoR also publishes a wide range of professional documents, provides access to continuous professional development (CPD) tools and offers professional indemnity insurance for its members. Full details of membership benefits are available via

Vacancies in the National Health Service are also advertised via : use search terms such as 'sonographer' and 'ultrasonographer'.

Companies providing independent ultrasound services in the UK can be found via the SCoR website, Synergy News or an internet search.

There are also several agencies that employ qualified sonographers who, again, can be found via the SCoR website, Synergy News or an internet search.

SCoR is neither an agency nor an employer and cannot directly help with regards to employment.

If you are from overseas and have any contacts in the UK working within ultrasound, this can be of great help. Your embassy, for example, may be able to put you in contact with sonographers from your own country already working in the UK.

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