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The purpose of this guidance is to consider current ultrasound referral practice against existing Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) arrangements for members of the Society of Radiographers (SOR) who are practising sonographers.

This guidance also applies to those individuals who are members of the Society for Vascular Technology of Great Britain and Ireland (SVT) and who obtain Professional Indemnity Insurance through the Society of Radiographers. In particular, this guidance identifies the practice requirements of the Society of Radiographers in order for individuals to remain within the terms of the professional indemnity provided.

This document is additional to existing guidance on the Society’s professional indemnity membership benefit as published in the SCoR document ‘Summary of Professional Liability Insurance Policy’ which members are strongly advised to read.

It is important to note that the cover provided is for a member’s work as an individual professional and will not cover the company, Trust or Health Board for whom they are working. The SOR is neither insurance broker nor insurance company. The final decision to accept a claim will rest with the underwriter, albeit based on our advice and as long as the conditions for cover are met.

The Professional Indemnity Insurance member benefit is provided if a particular practice is recognised as being within the Scope of Practice of a sonographer. This is articulated in the SOR publication ‘The Scope of Practice in Medical Ultrasound’1.

The scheme applies to eligible individuals irrespective of whether they are in full or part time employment.

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