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17. Design and planning of units

17.1 It is essential that an MR radiographer is, from the outset, part of the project team for the design and planning of new or additional MR unit along with an MRI physicist, NHS estates or private company estates person, vendor’s project manager and architect etc. It is also useful to include a member from the hospital’s infection control team, nursing team, medical physics, manual handling and risk assessment departments to gain their input to the project as any equipment will need to be tested/certified and furniture/fittings should be ergonomically designed and comply with current standards.

17.2 It is important to obtain a copy of the pre-installation guidelines document from the magnet vendor as soon as possible, as that will give the specifics/particular requirements for the system.

17.3 There are numerous safety considerations related to site selection, site location, site access, quench pipe design considerations, location of scan rooms, control rooms, preparation rooms, storage of equipment, emergency equipment etc. For further information please refer to the MHRA guidelines.2

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