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15. Fire and emergency safety and training

The static magnetic field means that extra considerations are required in the case of an emergency or fire within an MR unit.  MR staff should be conversant with all safety procedures and practiced in the safe removal of patients in an emergency situation.  We recommend that this is practised as a minimum 4 times per annum and on induction to the unit for new staff.  Staff should be aware of the location of the fire extinguishers, quench buttons, oxygen monitors and departmental crash trolley.

  • It is recommended that contact is made with the local fire unit to ensure that they are aware of the layout of the unit and safety considerations including the location of the quench button.

15.1 In the case of a patient emergency within the scan room such as cardiac arrest, the patient should be removed from the MR environment prior to the arrival of the resuscitation team and their equipment.

15.2 Clear fire procedures should be kept with the local rules.  Staff should be aware of these and, in particular, under what scenario a quench would be required during a fire in the MR unit.

15.3 Staff should be aware of the circumstances under which they should quench a magnet and understand the implications of a magnet quench.

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