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The radiological investigation of suspected physical abuse in children

11 December, 2018
Topics: Children
Revised first edition


A new version of the radiological investigation of suspected physical abuse in children was published in September 2017. 

In 2018 the Royal College of Radiologists consulted on post-publication revisions proposed to recommendations 4, 15, 18, and 44 in light of new evidence brought to the attention of the working party. The revisions took place following member and public consultation in 2018.

Appendix D ‘Exemplar skeletal survey competence form’, of the original document was removed as a result of the revisions to recommendation 15.

The changes are detailed on page 2 of the new document. SoR members are particularly directed to look at the changes in recommendation 15 which further clarifies the education and training required for radiographers undertaking suspected physical abuse skeletal surveys, and recommendation 18 which provides additional information about the suitability of the professional accompanying the child. 

Members are reminded that professional guidance is something that clinicians are required to consider as part of their professional practice. The aim of these recommendations is to improve the quality of the experience for families involved as well as reducing the variation in practice that has evolved.

Adoption of these recommendations is endorsed by the professional bodies involved as being in the best interests of the families and children being investigated. 

Further queries about this document may be directed to Sue Johnson or Jacquie Vallis who were members of the working party.

Log of the revisions in the latest version of the document.

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