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3. Project Objectives

The objectives of the project were to:

  • map the prostate/urology specialist radiography workforce; identifying the number, rationale for and sources of site specific posts in UK cancer centres and other specialist roles which include care and treatment of men with prostate cancer;
  • elicit plans for the future development of prostate/urology radiography site specific posts in UK cancer centres over the next three years;
  • understand and evaluate the role of the prostate/urology site specialist radiographer;
  • assess the relative contribution of brachytherapy, clinic review and information radiographer roles  to the care of those with prostate cancer;
  • identify sources of professional expertise;
  • propose a model job description for a prostate specialist radiographer;
  • identify the support and development needs of the prostate/urology specialist radiographer community;
  • develop a sustainable online community forum and support network.

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