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Themes and potential modules

Themes and potential modules

Nine themes were identified from which nine outline modules have been developed. These are shown in the following table.

Managing people Data evaluation and presentation
Workforce: change development deployment and planning Managing change
LEAN Coaching and supporting staff
Service evaluation Finance and costing
Service improvement  

The way in which the module outlines are presented sets out their purpose, key learning outcomes and the minimum content. It was not the purpose of the exercise to develop full aims, objectives and learning outcomes, modes of delivery and a full assessment profile. These will need to be developed by awarding bodies who can build courses around the stated content and integrate within their learning and teaching strategies. Likewise an HEI seeking accreditation from the College of Radiographers will be expected to develop assessment which is innovative, robust and able to discriminate between the quality and standards of the work produced.

The size of each module and the credits awarded will be determined by an HEI. In addition, the award of academic credit will be optional and conditional upon undertaking an assessed activity. Modules could consist of ‘bite-sized’ chunks of knowledge at 5 or 10 credits or more standard sizes of 15 or 30 credits. The award of an MSc (normally equivalent to 180 M or level 7 credits) will be contingent upon undertaking a specified number of modules, including an assessed workforce change project, with the modules and project being completed within four years.1 Exit awards at postgraduate certificate (60 credits) or postgraduate diploma (120 credits) should be available. Alternatively a short course or courses could be offered as CPD where the purpose would be to deliver stand alone topics as non-assessed training modules for individuals who do not wish to seek academic credit. Another approach to be incorporated would be to recognise prior experiential learning which will enable a learner to be awarded credits towards a final award. The number of credits to be awarded would depend on the depth of knowledge and its application in practice and an institution’s policy.

Ideally, however, modules would sit within a post graduate framework that will enable participants to progress to a full master’s award which would include a dissertation/project.

1 We suggest this as an initial time limit, although we recognise that different HEIs may wish to impose different time limits.

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