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Principles for continuing professional development and lifelong learning in health and social care

15 January, 2019
Topics: CPD, Educators, HCPC, Learning, Managers, Practice educators, Professionalism, Reps, Students


Continuing professional development (CPD) and lifelong learning are necessary for the development of everyone who works in health and social care and for the experience of service users.

CPD and lifelong learning support a workforce that is capable of designing, delivering, evaluating and improving high-quality care and services.

The principles set out in this document should be applied across the health and social care workforce in all sectors, to support CPD and lifelong learning. Registered health and social care professionals also have a responsibility to meet the standards of their regulatory or professional body.

Reference information: Broughton W and Harris G (2019) (Eds) on behalf of the interprofessional CPD and Lifelong Learning UK Working Group. Principles for Continuing Professional Development and Lifelong Learning in Health and Social Care. Bridgwater: College of Paramedics.

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