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I write this foreword with the recent announcement that following recommendations from the Commission on Human Medicines (CHM) Ministers have approved and agreed to extend independent prescribing responsibilities to therapeutic radiographers and for therapeutic radiographers to mix medicines. 

NHS England, with the full support of the Society and College of Radiographers continues to work collaboratively with the CHM, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and Department of Health (England) regarding the proposal for independent prescribing by diagnostic radiographers. 

This publication is timely as it provides a comprehensive and excellent tool in supporting diagnostic radiographers as supplementary prescribers and therapeutic radiographers as supplementary and independent prescribers.

These new developments have for the therapeutic radiographer provided opportunities to extend their role of practice at both advanced and consultant levels of practice resulting in a higher level of patient care which is a passionate aim for all radiographers.

This document helps both diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers to understand the complexities of the law and legislation around prescribing and helps the radiographer to put the recommendations into practice. The information given will underpin the decision-making and actions of radiographer prescribers and enhance their practice.

A special thank you goes to Christina Freeman and her team at the College of Radiographers for their tireless work and research to ensure that the profession has a useable document that will enhance practice.



Sheila Hassan
The Society and College of Radiographers

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