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Guidance on long term consequences of treatment for gynaecological cancer. Part 1: Pelvic radiotherapy

30 June, 2014
Topics: Managers, Radiotherapy


JOINT DOCUMENT: SCoR and UK Oncology Nursing Society

This document is aimed at UK gynaecological oncology professionals but will also be useful to anyone, including primary care professionals, involved in the care of women at any time before or after pelvic radiotherapy or brachytherapy (eg for cervical, uterine, vulval, vaginal, bladder, anal and colorectal cancers).

The main purpose of this document is to ensure that women diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer will be offered appropriate information on the signs and symptoms of long term consequences of pelvic radiotherapy and that they, and the professionals caring for them, are aware of pathways of care that should be available.

Hard copies can be ordered from macmillan

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