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6.0 Recommendations

6.1 Short Term (immediately):

CASE accredited postgraduate diplomas and certificates to continue as now. Strategic Health Authorities and Health Boards to procure and fund these programmes for a three to four year period and to assist where they are able in the provision of clinical placements. It is estimated that such CASE approved programmes already have
capacity to increase the numbers of trainees by between 20 and 50%.
Employers, strategic health authorities and health departments to commission and fund CASE accredited short ‘focused’ ultrasound courses to develop appropriate ultrasound skills in relevant members of the current healthcare workforce.
Explore links with Radiology Academies to assist in the delivery of courses.

6.2 Medium Term (1 – 3 years):

Commission postgraduate entry programmes, requiring them to accept a much wider range of applicants than has traditionally been the case. Such programmes would be very similar to the existing CASE accredited programmes and would be of 18 months duration; a preceptorship year should be considered for those completing these programmes who do not hold a primary health or healthcare related degree. Students would normally be supernumerary to NHS Trust or Health Board employees and attractive financial support arrangements would have to be part of commissioning and development process. 

6.3 Longer Term (3 – 5 years): 

Commission direct entry (BSc Hons) programmes with a preceptorship year to follow.

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