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Consultant Radiographer - Guidance for the Support of New and Established Roles

28 March, 2017
Topics: Consultants


The Department of Health defines a Consultant Allied Health Professional (AHP) as an individual who provides clinical leadership within a specialism, bringing strategic direction, innovation and influence through practice, research and education. In radiography, although these posts were developed at a time of medical Consultant shortages, they were not designed as a replacement but to enhance service delivery by:

  • providing better outcomes for patients by improving quality and services
  • providing a new career opportunity to help retain experienced staff and recognise their clinical contribution
  • strengthening professional leadership.

According to the Department for Health (DoH), non-medical Consultant posts consist of four core domains of practice:

  1. Expert clinical practice
  2. Professional leadership and consultancy
  3. Education, training and development
  4. Practice and service development, research and evaluation.

The College of Radiographers, as the UK Professional Body, expects its members at Consultant Radiographer (CR) level to be in alignment with the DoH recommendations; as illustrated in the Career Framework.

To optimise role performance, create and sustain healthy working practices and encourage retention, these senior roles require support and strategic planning.

This guidance is based on existing documents, definitions and experience of established CRs. It is intended to be an all-encompassing document, providing clear guidance on the national requirements needed to support this role. It explores all four core domains, explains rationale for robust job descriptions and job plans, clarifies how to facilitate role development and touches on terms and conditions.

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