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Approval and Accreditation Board; Annual Report 2018-2019

20 July, 2020
Topics: Education accreditation, Educators


The College of Radiographers is pleased to present the Approval and Accreditation Report for 2018–19. The academic year 2018–19 has been a busy year for both Higher Education Institutions and the Approval and Accreditation Board (AAB) with a considerable number of influential developments within the field of radiography education for both therapeutic radiography and diagnostic radiography.

It is also important to acknowledge and thank College of Radiographers’ Assessors as they carry out these reviews to a high and consistent standard. Assessors also act as an important source of information and guidance for education course providers.

Many thanks to all the education providers who have provided data regarding their courses. This is very useful to individual organisations as they review their own provision during their internal quality review processes.

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