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7. Staffing and Staff Development

7.1 Staff Establishments

The AAB has a role in ensuring that education providers are staffed appropriately in relation to provision and overall student populations.

The following table (18) shows the overall numbers of radiographers employed in education. For comparison, staffing numbers for the preceding three years are shown.  This table suggests that overall staff numbers have increased significantly in 2008. However, for the last two years we have not received complete data sets for all EIs so this could be the explanation. This year we have a full data set so the figures shown reflect the true numbers.

Table 18

Date Diagnostic Qualified FTE
Therapy Qualified FTE Total
1 Nov 2008 248.96 102.95 351.91
1 Nov 2007 214.25 73.80 288.05
1 Nov 2006 207.4 69.93 277.33
1 Nov 2005 233.75 77.10 310.85


7.2 Staff Development

The aim of this section of the report is to provide information on the key activities of staff development during this period.

It is very encouraging to see a significant amount of staff development continuing within higher education. This year, a number of staff have completed or are actively undertaking masters’ degrees, other postgraduate programmes and doctorates to support academic practice and development.

It is clear that there is an increase in the number of staff undertaking PhD and doctorates of education, which is excellent. The AAB hopes this trend will continue increasing in future years, especially with research and writing for publication highlighted as part of staff development in some institutions.

Several EIs organise comprehensive staff development programmes, often based on the individual’s need following annual appraisals. These include assessment workshops and scholarly activities to maintain currency of course materials to topics such as back care programmes for all staff.

There has been wide attendance at local, national and international study days and conferences, covering a wide ranging of specialities. Attendance at UK Radiological Congress, the British Medical Ultrasound Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting and Exhibition and the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America has been widely reported with the submission of poster presentations from some institutions at national and international level. 

It is clear that there is a strong focus on research with members of staff undertaking sabbaticals to progress their areas of research.

The progress taking place demonstrates a very strong commitment to staff development within the profession which is excellent to see and the AAB hopes that this continues

There has also been a significant amount of promotions within EIs. These include members of staff who have attained teaching fellowships and have become Principal Lecturers. A Head of School of Radiography has been promoted to take an additional role as Associate Dean for Learning & Teaching and Interprofessional Development.

7.3 Staff holding Doctorates

Doctorates are held by twenty four qualified teaching/lecturing staff for diagnostic imaging programmes and six for therapeutic. This is indicative of a strong commitment to staff development.

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