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5. Services to Education Institutions and Students

A significant amount of monitoring and review has taken place since the changes to the contract arrangements in England came into being in September 2007. The AAB considers it exceedingly important to gather student data which informs national analyses and affects many tranches of work.

The AAB acknowledges it is imperative that students understand the value of SCoR membership before they would part with membership fees. Therefore, for the 2008-9 academic year membership has been complimentary for first year students, while for all other cohorts the fee has been £4.00 per month. A six month free membership period on qualification applies to those students remaining in membership throughout their training and the process for obtaining this has been streamlined.

EIs have been very positive in providing SCoR with information for first year students this year. Those EIs with concerns regarding data protection have been given advice and have worked with SCoR to overcome these issues. This action has provided a fuller dataset, including exact numbers coming into training, comparisons with numbers qualifying and demographics, which proved helpful in discussions with, for example, the Department of Health (DH) and the Pay Review Body. The DH relies on such information for workforce planning.

A change from last year’s EI inclusive package is that EIs paying student fees for second and third years (and fourth years where applicable) received the inclusive package free for this year.

All first year students also received complimentary student membership packages. The packages contained SoR USB sticks loaded with SoR documentation, the first year student presentation, samples of StudentTalk and Synergy, a credit card sized membership benefits card, a copy of the student membership booklet and mini SoR poster. Feedback from students and EIs has been very good and this strategy will be also be implemented in 2009-2010.

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