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4. Annual Monitoring Data

The Approval and Accreditation Board plays a crucial role in collecting, collating and analysing data related to radiography education and training. This report incorporates the data collected for the totality of education provision for medical imaging and oncology during the 2008-9 academic year.

The Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) remains as the only professional body for the radiography workforce in the UK. Through this data it is possible for us to provide a comprehensive UK-wide picture of the representation of the radiography education provision for both the medical imaging and radiotherapy and oncology workforce across the UK.

This data enables individual education institutions to compare its specific data with the national data set, which is important. The data also informs discussion with external bodies such as workforce development and planning, education commissioning and professional development. This has enormous implications for the future development of the radiography profession. We try to provide as much information as we can reliably collect given the constraints we have to face due to the changes in contract arrangements in England in 2007.

This year we have continued to streamline our process for collecting data to further reduce the workload burden on EIs. We have designed an online survey instead of using the traditional paper version of the data monitoring schedule. It has simple to complete questions and drop-down boxes inserted for straightforward completion. The system has received positive feedback and, therefore, we shall continue with online submission for the next annual report.

The AAB would like to thank all those education institutions who completed the online data monitoring survey this year. Without the co-operation of our colleagues in radiography education a full picture cannot be gained.

Comparative data from 2005 – 2008 can be found in the appendices 1-3.

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