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3. Introduction

The College of Radiographers is pleased to release the 2008-9 Approval and Accreditation Board (AAB) Report. This is the fifth year of operation of the AAB since its inauguration.

It continues to accomplish a significant amount of progress in the development of policy and overseeing and advising on all aspects of the approval and accreditation of courses and individuals to ensure consistency of approach and standards. The AAB provides a single framework in which all education approval work and accreditation activities are undertaken. The AAB takes its responsibility to maintain high quality radiography provision for the medical imaging and radiotherapy workforce very seriously and is continually working to raise standards.

The work of the AAB is continually evolving in order to respond to the challenging demands of the profession. It welcomes the opportunity to develop the profession in this evolutionary manner and looks forward to future developments.

This report draws into a single commentary the approval and accreditation activity over the 2008-9 academic year. Its purpose is to provide a national overview of the nature and scope of education provision for the radiography workforce, thus giving a benchmark for institutions (EIs) to use to support self-evaluation and development planning. The report provides comprehensive data and statistical information on the current and future workforce and is recognised as the most authoritative record of radiography student recruitment, retention and completion in the UK.

We have refined our process of data collection and have undertaken a great deal of work to develop a system that ensures continuity of engagement with both student radiographers and education providers. Critically, the CoR has worked with individual education providers to overcome problems associated with data exchange due to the Data Protection Act. However, it is imperative to maintain a full data set if the national record on student recruitment, retention and attrition is to be maintained.

This academic year we have been successful in engaging all our radiography education providers in submitting their individual data. Therefore, we are able to provide a full data set which has not been the case in recent years. We wish to thank all our educational institution colleagues for their help and co-operation in supporting our work.

Over time, the nature of the annual report will develop as the systems for collation and analysis of statistics are further refined and streamlined. The AAB hopes that this year’s report will provide useful dialogue for you and your institution.

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