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10. Preceptorship CPD programme

The SoR’s Preceptorship CPD programme has been approved by the Career Progression Board (CPB). This is a positive step for newly qualified radiographers.
The programme for CPD activities to be undertaken by practitioners during their first eighteen months following qualification has been designed to provide a suggested CPD Framework, enabling the user to record their professional development activities in CPD Now (the College of Radiographers’ on line CPD tool). This will enable the user to achieve accreditation of their CPD portfolio by the College and at the same time prepare for possible audit by the Health Professions Council (HPC).  More experienced practitioners undertaking formally structured and evaluated CPD for the first time may find this programme helpful. It has suggested NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) outlines which can be used as a starting point for managers and staff members wishing to put together profiles to support development from NHS Band 5 to Band 6.

There is also a range of CPD activities to support appropriate consolidation of knowledge and clinical skills for newly-qualified practitioners.  SoR expects that newly qualified practitioners who meet the requirements of the preceptor programme and who evidence progression using the KSF should progress from Band 5 to Band 6.

The preceptor CPD programme consists of twelve learning activities to be undertaken and completed during the eighteen months following first appointment to a Band 5 post.  The CPD activities have been devised to support the requirements of professional body accreditation and in the College’s view enable the user to meet the regulatory (HPC) CPD requirements comfortably.  Managers and preceptors should bear in mind that this template has been designed to reflect the common needs of the profession and that some customisation of the KSF outlines may be required to meet the needs of local services and individual post holders.  CPD Now is able to reference the College’s CPD outcomes against all elements of the KSF so modifications to the outlines present no practical difficulties with CPD accreditation.

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