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  • Care Quality Commission (CQC) Regulation FAQs

    SUPERSEDED AND ARCHIVED Date published: 29 June, 2010 Topics: Education accreditation, Ultrasound
  • Guidance for Radiographers Providing Forensic Radiography Services

    SUPERSEDED AND ARCHIVED – View the latest version Date published: 10 June, 2010 Topics: X-ray ISBN: 9781-871101-48-4


    Radiography for forensic purposes is a complex area of practice for the diagnostic radiographer and The Society and College of Radiographers is pleased to provide this guidance and advice document written with the Association of Forensic Radiographers. Radiographers involved in providing forensic services and their managers and employers will find this document invaluable.

  • The recording of images during diagnostic or screening obstetric ultrasound examinations

    SUPERSEDED AND ARCHIVED Date published: 21 May, 2010 Topics: Ultrasound


    Sonographers are frequently asked by a woman's partner or other person accompanying them if they will allow them to make their own real-time recording of a diagnostic or screening obstetric ultrasound examination. This request may be to record the examination with a mobile telephone, record on to a DVD or utilise other digital or analogue recording media. SCoR issues this guidance and advice to help departments decide on what policy to take in this regard.

  • Medical Image Interpretation by Radiographers: Definitive Guidance

    SUPERSEDED AND ARCHIVED Date published: 10 May, 2010 Topics: Managers, Reporting, X-ray ISBN: 9781-871101-68-9


    Replaced by:

    Preliminary Clinical Evaluation and Reporting by Radiographers: Policy and Practice Guidance

  • Statement on Ultrasound referrals and professional indemnity insurance arrangements

    SUPERSEDED AND ARCHIVED Date published: 26 April, 2010 Topics: Managers, Ultrasound


    The purpose of this guidance is to consider current ultrasound referral practice against existing Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) arrangements for members of the Society of Radiographers (SOR) who are practising sonographers. This guidance also applies to those individuals who are members of the Society for  Vascular Technology of Great Britain and Ireland (SVT) and who obtain PII through the SOR. In particular, this guidance identifies the practice requirements of the SOR in order for individuals to remain within the terms of the professional indemnity provided. This document is additional to existing guidance on the Society's professional indemnity membership benefit as published in the SCoR document 'Summary of Professional Liability Insurance Policy' which members are strongly advised to read

  • Research and the Radiography profession: A strategy for research 2010 - 2015

    SUPERSEDED AND ARCHIVED – View the latest version Date published: 26 April, 2010 Topics: Managers, Researchers


    The Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) is pleased to present its third Strategy for Research, continuing the work of previous editions. This recognises the important link between research and clinical practice, ensuring an evidence-based culture for the radiographic profession. SCoR has determined strategic drivers and a five year plan for the profession to help managers produce their own departmental strategies for research and to aid those in the profession who wish to be research active but are unsure of the help and support available.

  • Ultrasound Training, Employment and Registration

    SUPERSEDED AND ARCHIVED – View the latest version Date published: 24 February, 2010 Topics: Managers, Ultrasound ISBN: 9781-871101-81-6


    The Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) receives many enquiries that relate either to training in ultrasound, employment or registration. Many of these enquiries are from sonographers who trained overseas or would like to undertake ultrasound training in the United Kingdom (UK). It is hoped that this publication will answer many of the more common queries.

  • Analysis of ultrasound workforce survey 2009

    SUPERSEDED AND ARCHIVED Date published: 9 November, 2009 Topics: Ultrasound

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    In September 2009, the Society of Radiographers (SoR) surveyed NHS ultrasound departments in the UK about the recruitment, training and retention of the ultrasound workforce. 45 managers answered a range of questions about their workforce on behalf of their departments in an online questionnaire. This document presents an analysis of the survey.

  • Employee Development, Review and Progression (including the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework): Practical Guidance for Managers and Practitioners

    SUPERSEDED AND ARCHIVED Date published: 1 November, 2009 Topics: Managers ISBN: 9781-871101-65-4


    This document sets out the Society of Radiographers' expectations regarding employee development, review and progression. The guidance and advice includes general principles and recommends best practice in the use of employer-led systems to support these and also considers these principles within the context of the UK National Health Service (NHS) Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF).

  • Approval and Accreditation Board Annual Report 2008-9

    SUPERSEDED AND ARCHIVED Date published: 1 November, 2009 ISBN: 9781-871101-66-2


    The College of Radiographers is pleased to release the 2008-9 Approval and Accreditation Board (AAB) Report. This is the fifth year of operation of the AAB since its inauguration.

    It continues to accomplish a significant amount of progress in the development of policy and overseeing and advising on all aspects of the approval and accreditation of courses and individuals to ensure consistency of approach and standards. The AAB provides a single framework in which all education approval work and accreditation activities are undertaken. The AAB takes its responsibility to maintain high quality radiography provision for the medical imaging and
    radiotherapy workforce very seriously and is continually working to raise standards.

    This report draws into a single commentary the approval and accreditation activity over the 2008-9 academic year. Its purpose is to provide a national overview of the nature and scope of education provision for the radiography workforce, thus giving a benchmark for institutions (EIs) to use to support self-evaluation and development planning. The report provides comprehensive data and statistical information on the current and future workforce and is recognised as the
    most authoritative record of radiography student recruitment, retention and completion in the UK.


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