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Diagnostic Imaging Advisory Group (DIAG)


Diagnostic imaging is a vital part of the patient pathway for many conditions including acute injury/illness and ongoing treatment; cancer diagnosis and follow up; long term conditions such as vascular disease or arthritis. Improving access to rapid diagnosis is a priority for the patients, the NHS and the wider public health agenda.

A significant component of the modernisation agenda for healthcare focuses on earlier diagnosis for patients with cancer which places further importance on the role of diagnostic radiographers and associated diagnostic imaging professionals in the pathway.  A rising focus on productivity has combined with workforce efficiency, improving access and increasing consumer expectations to create an urgency to review patterns of practice.

Diagnostic radiographers and the wider diagnostic workforce working within this technologically sophisticated care environment must be supported and developed to be able to maximise their individual and collective potential in delivering the best care for people using their services.

The Diagnostic Imaging Advisory Group was formed in 2016 to support the work of the Society and College of Radiographers. The DIAG aims to make a significant contribution to the development of the profession and in raising its profile nationally. It will be an effective voice for the community of diagnostic radiographers and the wider diagnostic imaging nonmedical workforce within the Society of Radiographers.

Group members

Andy Creeden (Chair)
Rachel Nolan (Vice Chair)
Alison Jenkins
Angela Meadows
Claire Watkiss
Deborah Henderson
Nick Woznitza
Nina Arcuri
Rakesh Puni
Richard Newman
Sue Webb
Stuart Mackay
Victoria Hughes
Catriona Hynes (UAG Representative)
Valerie Asemah

Administrative support

Sue Johnson
Lead Professional Officer

Charlotte Beardmore
Director of professional policy

Leandre Archer
Officer for Northern Ireland

UK Council member
Gareth Thomas



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