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External Assessors

The CoR supplies qualified, highly trained and experienced professionals to act as independent radiographic assessors who sit on the appointment panels for senior managers, senior educational and consultant practitioner posts and senior research roles.

What are independent or external assessors?

Radiographers seeking appointment to senior posts should be able to demonstrate the most appropriate expertise, aptitudes and abilities to meet the demands of that post. These may be defined by the individual's breadth and depth of experience, particular expertise, knowledge and/or qualifications. However, it is sometimes difficult to evaluate the requisite skills and competencies in individuals.

To assist employers, the CoR maintains a register of professionals who can act as independent assessors. Their role is to help create a situation in which all candidates have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills during the interview, ensuring that the most appropriate selection is made.

How do I ensure I get the best out of an assessor?

Sometimes, assessors will be appointed before the advertisement for the post has been drafted. In such cases, they may well be involved in every stage of the appointment procedure, ie advertisement, considering all applicants for shortlisting and final appointment of shortlisted candidates.

On other occasions, assessors will only be appointed after the shortlisting has taken place, in which case their role will be confined to participating in a final appointment panel. The College always advises authorities that assessors should be appointed and involved as early as possible in the procedure.

At the final interview roles can vary. In some cases, the assessor will be expected to play a leading part in the proceedings and may be asked to make the recommendation that will lead to the appointment.

On other occasions, the assessor will not be expected to play any significant part in the appointment proceedings, other than perhaps to advise on technical matters.

Policy guidance for independent assessors

You should declare your interest if you have worked with one of the applicants in the recent past or you are on personal terms with one of them. Such familiarity can lead to problems because of the relatively small size of the profession, and this will apply especially to radiotherapy and education appointments.

You should not contact any of the candidates, in any way, prior to the interview(s). It is imperative that you are seen to be independent by all candidates.

If not involved prior to the final interview, you are advised to contact the employing authority to discuss the appointment procedure.

You will probably be asked by the candidates to give post-interview counselling and the College would support this as part of your role.

You are requested to return an interview assessment form for every interview attended.

Should there be any problem during the interview process, it is your duty to report back your observations to the College. In these circumstances, you're advised to inform the College by telephone in the first instance and to follow this with a written report attached to the interview assessment form.

Any notes/reports made during the interview should be kept for at least one year.

Any expenses incurred are to be paid by the requesting authority.

Copies of the interview assessment forms may be obtained by email from Valerie Asemah.

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