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The Association of Paediatric Radiographers

The Association of Paediatric Radiographers (APR) committee consists of a maximum of 10 elected members from throughout the UK. 

The APR provide a list of members who are willing to give presentations and act as experts. See APR expert list below.

The committee meets twice a year in spring and autumn and, at present, is as follows:

Chair: Andrea Brammer (Manchester) 
Secretary: Harry Bliss (London South Bank University)
Membership secretary: Myriam Jackson (Lincoln County Hospital)
Treasurer: Penny Delf 
Brittany Barker (Sunderland)
Emma Rose (Great Ormond Street)
Sarah Franks (Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital)
Gail O’Reilly (Belfast Children’s Hospital)
Mary Pirie (Glasgow Children’s Hospital)
Kate McIntyre - shares seat with Mary Pirie (Glasgow Children’s Hospital)
Niamh Kirk (Dublin)
Sarah Eades (Birmingham Children’s Hospital)



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