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Reduction in neonatal admissions and deaths with NICE guidelines

6 February, 2020

Two years after the Maternity Engagement Project was launched, results have shown a noticeable reduction in multiple pregnancy neonatal admissions and deaths.

Services which have adopted NICE QS46 found reductions of: 

  • 23% in neonatal admissions
  • 18% in neonatal deaths
  • 7% in stillbirths
  • 6% in emergency C-sections

The Twins Trust (formerly TAMBA) are hoping to have the guidelines adopted by all maternity units for multiple births which, they claim, would mean 100 babies’ lives could be saved a year and emergency C-sections would be reduced by more than 630.

Neonatal admissions would go down by 1300 each year. The trust estimates potential annual savings to the NHS of £8million.

You can get in touch with Twins Trust or head to the website for more information.

NICE QS46 guidelines can be read here. 

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