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Officer visits to your university

During your course one of our officers will visit you at your university three times. The first time will be early on in your first year, the second time will be in your second year (second or third year for students in Scotland) and the last time will be in your final year. During their visit they deliver a presentation on various topics, as shown below, and you have the opportunity to meet them face-to-face to ask any questions you may have. Please make sure you attend each session as they are all very different.

First Year Presentation

The first year SoR presentation introduces new student radiographers to the profession and the professional body, giving them a broad understanding of our role within the profession. This includes explaining the work we do in progressing the profession in terms of career development, education and research, as well as the support and advice that we can provide for students when required. 

The benefits and services offered to students are presented so that you have a broad knowledge of what you can expect as a member. 

During the first year of training, the SoR’s policy is to offer complimentary membership to allow you to utilise and appreciate the benefits and services that are available before you are asked to start paying for student membership. It is hoped you will take advantage of this opportunity.

You will be encouraged to get involved with the profession, as our view is that students are the future of the profession and, as such, are valued members. We encourage you to join SoR networks and groups, engage with regional SoR student officers and think about actively participating in many of the opportunities that are open for students to become involved.

Continuing Year Presentations

The continuing year SoR presentation is undertaken in year 2 of a 3 year programme or year 2/3 in a 4 year programme. Now that you have had some experience with the profession, this talk will further your understanding by discussing hot topics currently affecting the health care environment and how we envisage this to look in the future, particularly for diagnostic imaging and therapeutic radiographers. This is particularly important due to the changing nature of health policy direction from the government. The talks are also used to interpret key issues which will affect our profession and discuss how they may change the working environment and conditions.

In addition, we present current work that the SoR is involved with to ensure that you are aware of changes that will be seen in the future. 

Key advances in the two radiography disciplines are covered to show what developments are coming in terms of technology, treatments, techniques, etc.

Time permitting, some key benefits and services of our membership are reiterated to ensure you are aware of those that would be specifically useful during this phase of your training, such as the document library to access publications for your assignments and dissertations, the professional indemnity insurance for elective placements, attendance at conferences and events to add to CVs. 

Students are encouraged to raise any questions/issues they may have face-to-face with an SoR officer.

Final Year Presentations

The final year SoR presentation is intended to help you with the transition from student to regulated practitioner. There are additional member benefits now available to you to support you throughout your professional career as a radiographer. We will explain how professional indemnity insurance (PII) differs when you are qualified and illustrate how essential this is for your protection. We can provide advice about continuing professional development (CPD) and will demonstrate the range of resources offered to support this when in full membership. Additionally, we will discuss the current state of the healthcare environment and how this may affect you in your first job. We encourage you to think about your personal career development aspirations, and start you thinking about your medium and long term career plan.


StudentTalk is our e-zine which is an electronic magazine for student radiographers

It’s delivered to your email inbox on a monthly basis, to coincide with the publication of Synergy and Synergy News our professional monthly publications. It’s full of articles that relate to students, and indeed, many are actually written by students. It’s a great way of sharing experiences and letting students know what’s happening in your university or what personal experience you have had that may interest other students and motivate them to do something different. 

We encourage all students to think about writing articles for StudentTalk. If you have an idea/story, contact editorial@synergymagazine. We'd love to hear from you.

Student members do not normally have access to the paper versions of our professional publications so StudentTalk has links which will take you to the latest e-versions. Plus there are links to our website and access to the archive of previous editions of StudentTalk and lots of other useful information. 

All student radiographers are able to receive StudentTalk, regardless of whether or not they are in membership with us, but the links will not open up in full unless you are a member.

Access to professional magazines and journals

Now you’ve joined the radiography profession, it’s important that you keep up-to-date with what is going on within it. Radiography is a rapidly developing profession.  We provide free electronic access to the following publications. Please note that the two publications, "Synergy News" and "Imaging and Therapy Practice" are available to students in print version for a small additional fee. Please contact our membership department for details if you wish to receive these publications in a hardcopy version.

Synergy – Imaging and Therapy Practice

Synergy– Imaging and Therapy Practice provides in-depth coverage of the latest professional and educational issues that affect the day-to-day working lives of therapy and diagnostic radiographers.

Click here to find the latest edition and archive.

Synergy News

Synergy News is a lively news digest of what is happening in radiography and the wider healthcare arena. All the hot topics are reported, including role development and career progression, pay and conditions, research, CPD and health and safety and equality issues.

Click here to find the latest edition and archive.


Radiography is an international, English language, peer-reviewed journal of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy. Radiography is the official professional journal of the College of Radiographers and is published quarterly. The journal aims to publish the highest quality material, both clinical and scientific, on all aspects of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy and oncology. 

Click here to find the latest edition and archive.  

Imaging and Oncology

Imaging & Oncology is an annual title published to coincide with the United Kingdom Radiology Congress (UKRC). The publication's remit is summed-up in the introduction to the first issue: "The authors were invited to write not because they have the power to peer into a crystal ball and divine our futures, but because they have the abilities to lead and anticipate."

Click here to find the latest edition and archive. 

Professional indemnity insurance (PII)

Professional indemnity insurance (PII) is an insurance policy providing monetary protection in the event of legal action being taken against an individual who has caused damage or loss arising from malpractice.

Each Society member is covered up to £5,000,000 in respect of any one accident or series of accidents arising out of one originating cause (inclusive of costs and expenses).

The professional indemnity insurance provided to full members of the Society of Radiographers is also provided to cover UK student members with the proviso that they operate under supervision of a qualified radiographer. 

Elective placements are covered by this insurance. However, overseas working by students must be part of an elective placement, which is part of a programme of study approved by the College of Radiographers. Such elective placements are consequently covered by the insurers, provided the student works under supervision. 

Indemnity cover is worldwide, with the exception of work in the USA and Canada.

Please refer to the professional indemnity insurance page for more specific detail.

Log on to CPD Now

The Society and College of Radiographers expects all members to engage in continuing professional development (CPD) and provides a range of resources to support this. 

We provide a web-based CPD tool, CPD Now, to enable all members to plan, undertake and record their CPD activities. As well as being available to all members, enabling the user to have their individual CPD portfolio accredited by the College of Radiographers, it is available for students to use to build up a portfolio as part of their coursework. This can be an excellent resource for student radiographers who are developing portfolios during their course. It offers tips and examples on recording your development and how to reflect on your learning. You may find it helpful to present some of your portfolio during interviews to demonstrate that you are capable of complying with the HCPC CPD requirements on taking up your new post.

Please visit the CPD Now page on this site.

Our website

The public side of our website has information relating to careers or general information. However, as a member with full access much more is available! 

Apart from Student Zone, which is dedicated to students, there is a wide range of briefings, advice and guidance material, resources to support practice, career planning advice, learning resources, online job advertisements and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) support, amongst a whole host of other information.

Visit it often to make sure you don’t miss anything. It’s regularly updated and is the place to look for anything to do with radiography in the UK.

Downloadable document library

Our digital document library consists of a comprehensive list of publications outlining policy and providing information and guidance on a whole array of areas of practice within the field of radiography. 

Whilst the document library that can be viewed via the general side of the website allows access to a range of documents, the members’ side of the website provides access to all of our published documents and is regularly updated as new publications are released.  

This is a fantastic resource to help you with your assignments because it has the key documents that relate to the profession. Thanks to a "briefcase" facility, you will be able to identify, download and store the specific documents you need to help with your studies. The excellent search engine is simple and easy to use and helps you locate the documents you are interested in.

Please click here to start searching.

Health and safety

We are committed to working towards a safe and healthy working environment for all our members, including students, and have a history of campaigning on health and safety issues, including work to highlight the risks from exposure to radiation, environmental risks and, more recently, musculoskeletal disorder in sonographers.

As a trade union, we have a network of safety representatives working at a local level playing a vital role in improving workplace standards in medical imaging and radiotherapy departments.

For more information about health and safety, including radiation protection, news, campaigns and queries, please visit our health and safety page.

Benevolent fund

The Society of Radiographers has a Benevolent Fund that assists members, including students, former members and their families in time of hardship and distress.

Perhaps you are experiencing financial hardship caused by a relationship breakdown, especially where children are involved and your chance to finish your course is threatened or you require aids/equipment to support a disability or deteriorating condition which is affecting your ability to complete the course. These are potential areas where the Society may be able to help. Each case is judged individually.

Should you wish to apply for assistance from the Benevolent Fund, please visit the Benevolent Fund page to find out more.


We provide you with the top news stories related to the profession and the healthcare service. It’s important as student radiographer that you keep yourself up-to-date with the latest news.

The news section of our website is updated on a daily basis and we encourage students to look at the news section on the home page regularly.

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